The New Times: No More Counting Days: Forever Counting Other Things

(This was meant to be published on 11/6/2020. Better late than never?)

My fingers are clenched on the edge of my seat, as I'm sure are yours. I've stopped counting days and they've stopped bleeding into one. The New Times routine has taken root. There is comfort in routine. No more need to count the days anymore. But I find myself counting other things. And there is only one count that matters today. My neck can't possibly hold any more tension. Not without me being rendered helpless on the floor again. The school gave the kids steppers to keep them active. I got myself one, too. There's yet another count. Tapping my feet doesn't give me steps, but bouncing on the yoga ball does. How many steps can I make before the votes are in? Pacing helps. I think? Or maybe it feeds the madness. There is only one count that matters today. Please let it count. 


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