Drizzle Drazzle

 The water people have unearthed all sorts of things. Mucky slabs of asphalt and black clay form a new alien planet that once was our pit. I have yet to see the snappers, but I imagine that the CAT will gently relocate any critters. Not sure if this helps me sleep at night, or proves me naive. Mist has coated everything in cold droplets. It's a stew and tea sort of day. 

I've started a new regimen to keep my aging muscles and bone from turning to brittle. Chief Mate walks in on me squatting on Facetime with a friend. "Want to join us?" 

He freezes, eyebrows raised, and walks slowly backward out of the room. It's an answer of sorts. Today my muscles feel used and important. 

The CAT has come to rest and so will I, tea in hand, to watch the squirrels scurry in the cold drizzle. 


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