Captain Mom's Log: Week 15: Day 102

I may have ordered too many crickets. The fragmented and nibbled on watermelon in the cage looks like a dystopian work of art. Simultaneously stunning and foul. The smell of cricket permeates the living room. At least our A/C is fixed and the air is no longer humid. Yesterday the stagnant humidity retained the smells of our meals from too many days past.

Layers and layers of egg crate covered in tiny flecks of poo and cricket. It looks like a bee hive. The egg crates seem to be moving, but it's the crickets cleaning their antennae and legs. I've never actually witnessed a fight, but the morbid piles of cricket bodies tells me that the alpha cricket is at large.

A new box of 250 arrives today. I don't have enough containers to fill. At least not ones with holey lids for breathing and enough space to fit egg crate hiding spots.

Frankie is fat. The vet was impressed. If she was appalled, she didn't let on. I'm supposed to give her only 5 crickets a day. But when I shake the egg crates, 10-15 pop off in every direction. There is no such thing as counting out 5 crickets a day.

"Cricket!" Chief Mate has found a escapee.

Cricket has a 50/50 chance of survival. Will he choose to let it outside (the lucky bastard) or will he pop it into Frankie's cage?



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