Captain Mom's Log: Week 8: Day 55



Another day of oscillating the air conditioning to heat. Except we forgot to set it to heat last night. I awoke fresh and freezing. Fuzzy Blanket never felt so inviting. Chief Mate and I made a morning sandwich. He was the lettuce, I was the cheese. Fuzzy Blanket was (arguably) the meat. It's a purplish gray color. Perhaps the closest it could get to meat would be chicken liver pâté. It was too early to think of such gag-inducing foods. So we move on to other ingredients. The mattress clad in olive green became the veggie patty. Brown blanket became the bread. A scarf that keeps coming out of the closet due to the unusual frigidness of May was (obviously) the mayonnaise. Nameless lemur became the little garlic. Veggie sandwich was complete.

A heavenly scent wafts up from downstairs. Eggs. And coffee.

"Time to get up!" I announce.
"No! We have to be a sandwich," Chief Mate combats.
"The human is coming to eat the sandwich, we need to escape before we are eaten!" I cry.

And just like that we are up and Anothersaturday begins.

Little Garlic (Formerly Known as "Unnamed lemur")


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