Captain Mom's Log: Week 7: Day 49

Admiral Grandma is taking us to the zoo. Me and Chief Mate and Commander Cousin. The windows are open and there isn't much traffic. It feels amazing to have the breeze on my skin. The sky is orangey, like a soothing sherbet sunset. It has been ages since we have gone out anywhere. I have a strange feeling, like we aren't supposed to leave the house. I ignore my gut and snake my hand around in the wind.
The parking garage is ominous. Always is. But it's the cleanest I've ever seen. A fresh coat of cool gray paint makes the floor smooth and inviting. I keep an eye out for lurking bizarros in the corner. My mom taught me to always keep my senses alive in a parking garage.
We arrive at the hotel lobby and there are all of the other Admiral Grandparents standing around waiting. They have refreshments. The hotel bellhop arrives and I suddenly remember why we aren't supposed to be going anywhere. He starts to cough. We need to leave.
"I think we ought to go back home," I announce feebly, but the grandparents' volumes increase as do their hand animations. No one hears me.
"Bud, we have to go," I urge Chief Mate.
"But I don't want to," he runs to Admiral Grandma. The grandparents revel in conversation that has been long overdo.
"Guys, we really need --"
"Does anyone want a brownie?" The bellhop brings a fresh plate of pastries and baked goods.
"No, we need to leave," I try again.
"Don't worry!!" Admiral Grandma gushes and waves me off with a hand.
"I wanna go to the zoo!" Commander Cousin cries.
"We need to leave now!" I yell and an alarm goes off. Deep and low like a siren. It's guttural and animal-like. It sounds like the end of the world.
I wake up and Oliver is singing his 4 am opera. His lungs fully expanded and supported for his best fortissimo.
I am so very tired. Is this new world over yet?



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