Captain Mom's Log: Week 7: Day 48

My eyes fight to stay open. Days of computer screen are taking their toll.
The second grade Physical Education class we completed together last night has my body begging to drift back into dreamland.
The fuzzy blanket, still soft because I rarely let Sweaty Boy use it, invites me to stay for five more minutes.
Drool pools at the corner of my mouth and I don't move to wipe it. Nothing matters in this new world of home-hygiene.
Something with lots of hair lands in my face. In one split second my brain recognizes that the hair in my eyes, nose, and ear is more stiff and straight than my own hair. Chief Mate does not have such hair. I snort awake annoyed.
"What the??"
Rainbow Dash's bright eyes and bushy tail mock me.
"Bud, please don't throw things in my face."
"It's time to wake up."

Happy Saturday.



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