Captain Mom's Log: Week 11: Day 74

It's muggy and overcast today. The plants lap up the water as it rains off and on. My impatiens vibrate and dance in the fine spray. We may not be at the beach, but the forest is not half bad. Birds chitter and flirt as they flit from limb to limb. Squirrels fill their chubby faces with the last of the bird seed. Trees rain big sudden droplets of water as squirrels chase each other round and round the branches.

I sip my Surprise Coffee that arrived on Friday. It is Stumptown quality. It is called Four Leftys. I want it to be my Forever Coffee. Even at the end of the pot, slightly charred and lukewarm, it is better than what a certain coffee chain likes to call a fine roast. "Start your morning right. Choose from a bold assortment of burned plastic." No thanks.

Chief Mate furiously scribbles in his school notebook. They are working on animal habitat graphing. He raises his hand when he has a question so Teacher Captain Mom can answer without disturbing the entire class. I wonder if he, too, is imagining other students in the empty living room or if it is just me. Perhaps Lego guys fill in for friends. Batman Lego is Charlie. Kai Lego is Lee. Unicorn Kitty Lego is the class fish.

Oliver is the kid who always interrupts for attention. The class clown. He tromps across the Chromebook.

"Don't let him walk on the laptop!" I yell.

Chief Mate just sits and watches as Oliver's tail gently whaps the screen. Oliver knows what he's doing. But I don't give him a can of food. I kick him out onto the soggy front yard. Two can play at this game.

I love the dark brown of damp tree trunk against forest green leaves. Today will be a fine day to search for wormies. Are you all still hanging in there?



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