Captain Mom's Log: Week 10: Day 70

The days are getting longer, the frogs are getting louder, and my hope continues to grow. I see people being kind, helping each other out, and keeping busy whenever they can. Even the tiniest gesture matters tremendously.

Yesterday, Chief Mate had a visitor. A Friend from school. They stood several yards apart and spoke Frog to each other. Meeping and hopping about in the yard.
"You can speak Human, you know," Friend's Mom said.
But clearly in that moment it was Frog that needed to be said. The eight minute visit made the weekend that much more bearable. No, not bearable, Special.

Visiting is rare, odd at best, so we are lucky to spend limited time with two of the three Admiral Grandmas. Outdoor walks, face masks, and constant reminders to keep ourselves from drifting toward each other. The familiar pull of the Admirals' magnets are strong and we must resist the urge to bump together and breathe the same air. We sure miss those hugs and kisses, but it is better than the weight of their absence. Chief Mate keeps asking when we will make the trek to see our other Admiral Grandfolks or our dear Captain Uncle. It seems near impossible to make such journeys, but I have faith that we will be able to travel again soon. Until then, we are grateful for electronic interactions.

And I am grateful for all of you.



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