Captain Mom’s Log: Week 10: Day 69

I bought flowers for the front yard. They are an obscene shade of red.

I drove the back roads to the grocery. I wanted to keep driving. I wanted to find a shady spot in the middle of nowhere where the clouds were still visible. I wanted to spread out a blanket and eat cherries and drink my iced tea and feel the earth bumpy and warm.

I wanted a full car of family and friends to do this with.

Instead I returned home, grumpy and tired.

I won’t let the Inner Beast win. I get the speaker, my phone, a tarp, and my sleeping bag. I blast bad jazz music and spread out on the grass in my “backyard.”
I am at Wolftrap. I am with friends. I am at Wolftrap. I...Hate this song. What kind of jumpy jazz two-note minute-long solo is this??

“You paid for this?” Co-Captain Dad comments while manning the grill.
“I supported a local venue for streaming. Yes.”

I sip my tea. I swat a mosquito.

“I have no regrets,” I say to no one.

The red flowers look sublime.



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