Captain Mom's Log: Week 10: Day 66

I went running today. It was harder than usual, but I did it. It felt amazing. Even breathing in the pollen. It felt tremendous to breathe. I still feel alive. I still feel vibrant. I am still here.

I just sneezed five times in a row. They got more and more slow mo each time. I could feel my muscles expand and contract. It was like that video we watched on the giant film reel in fourth grade about germs and why you should cover your spray when you sneeze. I covered, but I could still see the particles of snot and spit cover the house that we just dusted yesterday. I unearthed things from my being I don't care to describe.

We are out of tissues. I have resorted to paper towels to lessen the leaking. My nose is red and raw. Pollen. Is. Not. Cool.

I can still breathe. I think I will run again tomorrow. I am still alive.



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