Captain Mom's Log: Week 10: Day 64

Freedom is not having a single thing to do. It is the lightness of having no cloud looming overhead nagging a to-do list in your ear. It is pouring your favorite iced drink and sitting outside and listening to the birds whistle, “lookuphere lookuphere lookuphere,” and “drinkyourtea tea tea.”

Ten weeks. This is no longer temporary. I don’t want to wait to begin enjoying life again. I want to enjoy Now.

I’m not interested in ignoring reality or pretending that things don’t suck tremendously. I am interested in relishing the small things that bring happiness.

I like the way chalk feels soft and powdery on my fingers. I love the cool refreshing taste of peach iced tea. Unsweetened, in case you want to know which side I’m on. The rustling of the wind in the leaves makes me smile. Oliver covered in peach and yellow chalk makes me giggle. Dancing an Irish jig to the fiddle for the whole neighborhood to see is invigorating.

Freedom is being alive to enjoy the life we are given. Freedom is the choice to enjoy the excitement or mourn with the difficulties depending on your mood of the day. Either is okay. If you are reading this, you are still free to decide what you click on, what you don’t. We are still, most of us, free in one sense or another. Whatever it is you choose, I hope you enjoy your decisions today.



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