Captain Mom's Log: Week 7: Day 43

As we now get closer to the two-month mark, I wish I could say things are stabilizing. We remain as lost and detached as ever. Floating in a void that is this new planet with all emotions living on the edges of our sleeves. Fraying and escalating at the slightest prompt. Simple commands like, "Eat your peas," cause an eruption like never before. News such as, "High winds and possible power outages," leaves me limp. I pull the blanket tighter and refuse to get out of bed until there are only minutes left before I need to make myself presentable to the Zoom world. These logs are starting to loop and repeat as do the days. Monotony is the new rhythmic norm.

Chief Mate shakes me from my spiral.
"Let's go outside!"
I don't hesitate.
Not for a second.
Chalk in hand, we draft tags.
Keep calm and chalk on.



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