Captain Mom’s Log: Week 6: Day 38

A deep vibration of a song emanates from the woods. The unmistakable sound of the great horned owl. Its call is both soothing and weighty. One swooped above my car once. It’s one thing to understand their size from books and a bit of imagination. It’s quite another to see one several feet above you. It could easily take our brute-of-a-cat at any time. The call and response of two owls becomes a song and dance. I am in bed. Covers over my head. I don’t want to Internet. I don’t want to Zoom. I can’t take another story about people who have no regard for other people’s health because they want someone else to cut their hair.

Okay. I know it’s about more than that, though. I know it’s about people without jobs right now. They are scared about survival, too. They just want normalcy. We all do. It all breaks my heart.

Mother, moon, magic, mystery, mythology. All associated with the owl. It is no wonder it was my grandmother’s favorite bird. I think about all of the animals on the planet rejoicing in our absence on this Earth Day. I wonder what sort of world we will continue to create when we emerge. Will we go back to our self-destructive ways? Or will we learn to care for ourselves a little better? The great horned owl’s wingspan is greater than Chief Mate’s height. We are not so big on this planet. I hope we learn to remember this.



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