Captain Mom's Log: Week 6: Day 37

The walls are suffocating once again. Irritation wears itself on my skin, in my hair follicles, in my aching heels. Why are my heels aching? Every need of every being around me feels grating. There's not enough food in the cat bowl. There aren't enough eyes on how I eat my cereal. But this guy can do this really neat trick. Why can't you put the kind of cat food I like in the bowl? Watch how these guys spin when you put them together like this! There's a dish on the table, are you done with it? I have a meeting in 5 minutes, so I can't help you log in, do you think you can do it on your own? Yes. No. I can't log in because you're logged in, Mom. 4 minutes until my meeting. My hair is a mess. I can see the bottom of my kibble bowl and it's a disgrace. Do I care if they see me disheveled? Everyone's hair is a mess. Mom, I can't log in. 2 minutes. Of course I care. Why is my hair frizzier when I'm at home? Or is it just that I have access to a mirror? Mom, can you log out so I can log in? 1 minute late. Does my hair always look this bad?? Almost out of hair goop that I guess doesn't even work anyway. Mom!! Click, click, type type, switch accounts, grumble, click. There. Yay! Are you in? Go away, Mom! Shoves me out of the room. Door slams. Lock engaged. Hair still frazzled. 5 minutes late to the meeting. Where's the meeting? Am I logged into the right account? Email received: Meeting canceled. FOR #$@&'s sake!!!

Walking outside is tremendous. I highly recommend.



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