Captain Mom's Log: Week 6: Day 36

A black beetle crawled out of the mound of food that collects because our dear cat can't keep it in his mouth. Moist, partially masticated food is the perfect place for such an insect. He didn't appreciate my sweeping. I named him Alexander. I watched him walk away into the void under our kitchen cabinet. Alone. Without food.
The hardest part in all of this is watching loved ones suffer and not being able to help. Sick family members are unable to eat homemade soup for fear of germs that may have been folded into the broth. A friend who desperately needs human contact is unable to answer the door to receive bear hugs. There is no more driving parents to the grocery store or to their routine visits to the doctor. Prescriptions for real life-threatening diseases are running out because idiots in charge are selling them as a false miracle cure. The list of can'ts goes on and on. But my intent is not to make anyone's situation harder than it already is.
So, here is a list of can's:
We can send a letter. (Virtual or otherwise if the person on the receiving end doesn't mind letting it sit in the sun for a few days).
We can say hello, from a distance, to the neighboring inhabitants.
We can call representatives if we feel motivated to make a difference and we can tell them how we feel. This works. This does make a difference.
We can take one day at a time. One hour at a time. One minute. Breathe in for 5 seconds. Out for 2.
I can take joy in watching Alexander beetle crawl across the floor and carry on with his life even though I've just destroyed his easy source of food because I know he will be okay. His food source will slowly trickle back into existence day after day, just as our easy sources of survival will.
Which is comforting, because my jeans are all about to explode with holes. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the cake I made for breakfast and the homemade bread buns and the...



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