Captain Mom's Log: Week 5: Day 30

The word Importance carries a certain weight, or heft, if you will. Objects that have Importance can change throughout a lifetime, but the meaning of the word remains more or less unchanged. Our mission, to make it out alive, is Important because humankind is Important.
Today I decided to create some art that was more or less Important. I say "more or less" because the Importance of Art is completely and relatively subjective. The Importance and Relevance of these Artworks is entirely representational of my feelings given the current state of World Events, including, but not limited to the shoddy quality of my photography.

Audrey White (b. before the pandemic)
Where, In Fact, the Sidewalk Actually Ends and the Gas Line Begins, 2020

Audrey White (b. before the quarantine)
Dish-Less Sink With a Side of Dew, 2020
Dewy arugula on found sponge
This is by far the most Important Artwork of the past 30 days. It Represents my Satisfaction of a Job Well-Done and Nothing Left Unfinished on the To-Do List. I think this is also Important to note the use of hyphens in this passage. Are they well used or are they out-of-date? This is surely subjective. Unless of course you're the grammar police (as I know at least 23 of my friends to be) and you'll readily agree that it is entirely and unequivocally Objective! and I'm sure you'll relish in proving your point in a comment below. Not to mention you'll have to dish out whatever fair verbal punishment I deserve for my unabashed use of adverbs.
If you have no earthly clue what grammar is, please peruse this guide on hyphens for a start.

Audrey White (b. before face masks were required)
Spider-like Stinky Speeds By Pair of Porpoise-Hued Pants, 2020
Time-lapse video

Audrey White (b. before staying at home was cool)
Still life photograph
At least this cheese didn't have to stand alone. It found solidarity with its brethren cracker Cheez-Its. Like the cheese, we are none of us alone.



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