Captain Mom's Log: Week 5: Day 29

It has officially been over a month of tumultuous emotion, ever-changing news, rapidly changing lifestyles. I feel sea sick. Everything comes and goes. Like a slow pulse. The morning bleeds into yesterday bleeds into last week bleeds into - are we still keeping count? These logs are my only way to know the days anymore. If it were a hundred years ago, I suppose I would have notches on the wall. Now I have notches on The Cloud.
The wind was angry today. I think it was trying to blow us out of our houses. If Aesop had taught him anything, the wind would know that a calming tactic is more persuasive. I watched the trees knock against themselves. I watched the sun shine and then quickly be replaced by rain pouring itself down in buckets only to be interrupted by the sun again. The weather could use some calming techniques. It left me feeling disjointed. Chief Mate helped anchor me back to reality.
He made up a game. It was called Quest. It involved detailed labels of care instructions placed on stuffed animals. I had to follow a path and find points needed to befriend the animals. I wanted to do things all out of order, but he was a good leader. He corrected me when I strayed.
I let him watch the live production of Jesus Christ Superstar last night. The one with Sara Bareilles (whom I adore) and John Legend (who nailed it). When John (playing the role of Jesus) ran his hands through the audience, I cringed. I was relieved to discover that the live show was prerecorded from 2018.
Here's my secret. Are you ready? JCS is my absolute favorite musical/rock opera on the planet. I know every line, every sung note, I played the VHS tape over and over growing up. It was my dream to play Mary Magdalene. Maybe it still is. And I got to show this special thing to my special kid. It was incredibly difficult to contain my tears. Music has a way of pulling my heart strings.

Week Five. We are still here. How are you doing out there?


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