Captain Mom’s Log: Week 3: Day 21

Conversations with Oliver.
O: Meh.
Captain Mom: Yes?
O: Meeeeh. (paw protrudes at my face)
CM: You have food.
O: Mew.
CM: It’s right there. (points to full bowl and food that has avalanched all over the floor)
O: Meeooorwr.
CM: ...
O: (poke, poke)
CM: How do your retractable claws not retract? (inspects dot of blood on arm, squeezes it to release bacteria - is that a thing? does that actually work?)
O: Merower, mrrrrroooooow, meoooooowh.
CM: (carries cat like a baby and places at the food dish)
O: (sniffs overflowing bowl, looks up, eyes huge)
CM: sigh. (places a solitary treat on the mound)
O: (greedily inhales food while purrs erupt between crunches. food spills over the side, a byproduct of gluttony.)
CM: (returns to book and thinks about the solitary treat and wasted food. there is symbolism there somewhere)
O: (loudly licks his chops and then ever so daintily licks his paws).
CM: sigh.
O: (tummy rumbles)
CM: No, no, no!
O: (a guttural) chweth
CM: (flies off the couch, disregarding where the bookmark should go)
O: hork, kch -
CM: Not on the carpet!
O: bleh -
CM: We are almost out of paper—
O: barf.
CM: Towels.
O: (hardly phased) Mew.


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