Captain Mom’s Log: Week 2: Day 9

Squats. I am doing some today.
After breakfast.
The coffee is almost too strong. But who doesn’t need strong coffee when there’s no toilet paper on this half of the planet? We are the only part of the world without toilet paper, right? Only this ludicrous self-centered spoiled-kid-of-a-country side of the earth would ...
Squats. 50. Today. Okay. At least 20. After home school reading.
An unending song erupts from Chief Mate as he reads about tornadoes. His smile is infectious. He loves school. Kids love to learn. Even as the planet is falling apart. Kids are remarkably resilient.
“I’m hungry!” He demands food.
I’ll do 30 squats right after lunch.
“Will you make me a sandwich?” Co-Captain Dad requests.
Sandwiches are always better when someone else makes them for you.
Piled high with spring mix greens, the bread squishes just right and the urge for a nap sets in.
“Let’s go outside!” Chief Mate demands fresh air to squelch the Inner Beast.
I MUST DO AT LEAST ONE DAMN SQUAT. Today. I bend my knees to put on my shoes. Shoes are on. That counts as one, right?



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