Captain Mom’s Log: Week 2: Day 13

The stiffness is setting in. My body won’t stand up straight anymore. Corporate wants things to go back to normal this week. We all know this is a feeble attempt to regain control. The definition of normal has shifted tremendously. Control is an illusion.
My body aches. If you exercise, your brain shuts off the stress valve. A therapist once told me this. She said that when you exercise your brain is physically incapable of releasing stress signals and the exercise allows your body and mind to meditate. Imagine actually being able to let go of these plaguing thoughts. Even for just a few minutes.
Watching a 17 minute math-teaching video in my swivel stool hurts more than you can imagine. I decided to humor my therapist.
“American teachers teach to get the right answer.”
Boxer shuffle feels good.
“Japanese teachers teach to understand a math concept.”
Punch, punch, punch, punch. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.
“If we teach with next week’s test in mind,”
Lunge, 2, 3, 4.
“Students might do well on the test,”
Other leg, 2, 3, 4.
“But we aren’t giving them the solid foundation they need for algebra.”
The video freezes, but I get the idea. I stretch and breathe and my muscles twitch and throb and release.
I just might be ready to embark on this new journey. I have to be, there is no going back.



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