Captain Mom’s Log: Week 2: Day 12

The enemy loomed above us. It surrounded us on all sides as the wind picked up speed. Its troops an assortment of colors and sizes. All oddly shaped as glistening orbs. We couldn’t escape. There was no time for a peace offering, they were upon us. Chief Mate acted fast. With no proper weapon at hand, he plunged his training sword into their hearts. The enemy exploded on contact. They were no match for his force. Blow after blow his precision impressed me. One exploded in my eye, but I did not fall. The enemy proved weak against our weaponry, though it is far from advanced. Chief Mate’s war cry reverberated off of the silent houses.
“Yeaaaaaaaaagghhh!” echoed into the woods.
Finally the last of the fleet floated off above the tree tops. A defeated retreat. Tonight we celebrate with mint milanos.



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