Captain Mom's Log: Week 1: Day 6

It’s been a hard day. I can’t sugar coat. It’s Saturday. Whatever that means. So no home school today. I slept until Co-Captain Dad said the coffee would get cold. My body felt 100 lbs heavier today as I dragged myself from the sweaty sheets.
Outside is depressing. Cold. Gray. Everything seems Endless today.
“We are going on a walk!” Co-Captain Dad is in charge while I pretend that everything is fine. I must keep the Inner Beast from springing forth.
I sprawl on the floor by the door waiting for the 20 endless minutes it will take for the sluggish males to pull on their shoes.
Chief Mate’s cheery face appears in my only line of sight.
“Nerp-Nerp!” he chirps.
A large white pom pom appears next to his jagged kid-teeth. I use what little strength I have to sit up.
We play catch with Nerp-Nerp until the shoes have been slipped on.
The walk is chilly. I almost turn back home. The boys can manage without me. But I plod on. Humans on the trail remind me that we are still here. We are still alive. We are resilient. We are in this together. We will make it through.



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