Captain Mom's Log: Week 1: Day 5

The weather is erratic on this planet. Temperatures jump from 21 degrees C to 10 degrees C within 24 hours. The land is saturated and the rains come in fast leaving the ground a muddy pit. Then as quickly as it came, the rain is gone and the sun is fierce and blinding. Humidity went from a hand cracking 26% to a smothering and sticky 52% overnight.
This morning we found some sort of creature dwelling (see articles attached). I have advised my crew to steer clear, but their curiosity often gets the better of them. My chief mate has taken to sharpening sticks. It satisfies the Inner Beast. One stick resembles my dagger. Chief mate has gotten quite good at throwing. It lands swiftly in the mud. This skill may come in handy sooner than I anticipated.
With the disease continuing to spread, we may be stuck here longer than our original plan. There’s no end in sight, but our spirits remain undaunted.



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