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Where have all the fine arts gone? Or where will they go in the twenty teens?

We are now in the future. It’s official. ATMs with push-button screens now accept up to 50 checks at once, they scan them in and tell you the individual amounts as well as the total amount that you’ll be depositing. Soda machines, also with push-button screens, allow you to pick your choice of soda, then your additive syrup (my flavored bubbly water can have more flavor?!), which then funnels through a single nozzle, being both efficient and exciting. Three dimensional movies and TVs are taking over and there is digital media everywhere you turn. You can’t escape the flashing lights and midi noises, that surround the world in airports, office buildings, stores, even in our pockets. Does this remind you of Back to the Future II or what? The only thing we’re missing is the hover board. So, in this futuristic and digital world, how do the arts possibly stand a chance of, well, standing out? Advertisement has survived with a new string of nonsense words li