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Everything happens for a reason

As it turns out, my perpetual state of doing too many things can be beneficial. Last night the director of Spoon River Anthology, which I am acting in, went out with a few of the cast members for food and drink. We ended up talking about our various paths and how we got to where we are. Being a bunch of artistic types, there were many struggling sob stories, but the exciting thing was that we had all come together in that one moment and shared something that was important to each of us. The vast amount of inspiration and happiness that is in the world often gets overlooked and when you have the opportunity to realize just how amazing life can be, it's almost always worth the pain and angst it took to get there. In talking with these awesome people, that realization stilled the spinning of my hectic little world, if even for the one moment, and made me really stop and absorb the goodness that's around me. Perhaps we'll never cross paths again when the play is over, but

Outreach to all my peeps

So I think I'll join the technology era. I've been clinging to my dinosaur 35mm camera, my oil paints and fountain pen. But it just might be time to move on. Not entirely, don't worry, my camera will still refuse to collect dust and my hands will still get cramped and turn all sorts of colors from writing and painting with messy media. I'm doing this so that I can not feel quite so old mentally and so I can connect with the people who are important to me. Here are some cool things to check out: or