Entering the New World Like Riding My First Roller Coaster (Week 24: Day 167)

Tomorrow is the first day of school. It is the first day of the 2020-2021 school year. It is also the first day of Planned Online School. (Planned meaning that instead of a makeshift emergency couple of hours, we now have a purposefully planned out full day.) I feel like I'm waiting in line for a roller coaster. Except I hate roller coasters. I want to like them. I do. I've waited in several lines, psyching myself up for the ride. Every time I get to the front, I check out. I then wait dutifully by the pink-flowered bushes for my friends to have the time of their lives while I avoid the bees who so love the pink-flowered bushes. The one ride I did manage to get on was the Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride at Universal, Florida. You couldn't see the drop while you waited in line. It was supposedly like the log flume. I knew there was a plunge at the end, but everyone insisted it wasn't that bad. So I waited in line. As I got closer, my heart pounded, but I made it into…

A Bit Heavy on the Pop Culture (Week 23: Day 160)

"The band of evil LEGOs are in hot pursuit! Assume your positions!" Raphael of the TMNT commands."Take the high ground! Arm your weapons, speed meditate if you must, but then be on guard. We don't attack first, but we won't let them win," Sgt. Halo adds. "Hey, you're not in charge," Raph comments. Dust from the Mega Blok vehicle makes Sgt. Halo sneeze."Quiet!" Raph snarls."Sorry..." Sgt. Halo mumbles."Shhh!!!" the entire team forcefully shushes, exuding spittle onto Captain Mom's glasses. Unnecessary, she thinks to herself. (Captain Mom whispers to First Mate: What do we do when the LEGOs get here?) (First Mate GLARES)(CM: What?)(FM gives a PROLONGED GLARE)(CM's eyes shift from side to side)(FM: I ALREADY TOLD YOU! WE ATTACK!)(CM: Right, right, right.)"Here they come!" Sgt. Halo screams."Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh!" yell the miscreants aboard the LEGO car. They sound a bit like Grover and the f…

Captain Mom's Log: Week 22: Day 152

We have Disney+ and life as we know it will never be the same. END TRANSMISSION

Captain Mom's Log: Week 22: Day 150

New School Year's ResolutionsAll About Me:I will forgive myself. I will allow myself to feel like garbage and hide under the blankets until an adorable stuffed wolf (or otherwise) comes to cheer me up.I will let them cheer me up.All About Others:I will forgive those around me. (Even if, and particularly if, I feel that they're in the wrong. Everyone is hurting. Everyone.)I will listen.
I will share.
All About the World:
I will take each day as it comes.
Post Script:
Remember to cut my nails on a regular basis. Remember to stretch after exercising and keep exercising. (NOT: I did it today! Now I don't have to for another ... month...)  Remember that creativity helps even if I reeeaaallly don't want to pick up that pencil or walk allllllll the way over there to turn on the keyboard.

What will you do?

Captain Mom's Log: Week 22: Day: 147


Captain Mom's Log: Week 21: Day 141

Mental Note:Must not engage in politics to a level that is detrimental to my health. Teaching kindness and speaking my mind in small capacities still makes a difference. Activism takes many forms, it's not always crucial to be on the front lines every waking moment. But also... shouldn't go AWOL and hide in my closet for days. Self care:Bubble BathsLighted CandlesPhone Chat with a Good Friend (avoid conversations involving topics that make my blood boil)DoodleEND TRANSMISSION

Captain Mom's Log: Week 20: Day 137

My how time flies. Or doesn't. Or something. It's been almost a month since my last log. Where to begin...
The toilet paper! That's a great place to start. The toilet paper is back in full stock!! As is the hand sanitizer. Still no disinfectant wipes, but everything else seems relatively back to normal at the grocery store. I suppose the masks and distancing is still there. That's the new normal. I'm already used to it. So. Strange.

What next?

Schools. Should I open that Pandora's box? Why not. What are your thoughts?

Here are mine:
As a paraeducator and a parent, I am wholeheartedly relieved that my county schools are online until January. Paraeducators have an interesting job. We get to see the inner workings and the outer workings of the entire school. We see the best and worst and everything in between. That being said, when I hear people say things like, "With enough funding, we can easily control social distancing in schools," it makes me cringe…

Captain Mom's Log: Week 16: Day 108

The world needs color. We can't get by without it. Maybe some individuals can, but as a human race, certainly not. I was dipping down into the land of the low, and it was color that brought me back.

It's funny how the new norm now has its own new routine. The days still oscillate between wondrous, mundane, and sheer torture. At least the mundane days are growing in number and the space between wondrous and torture continues to get farther apart. Overall, things do seem to be getting more and more manageable.

The highs are incredible. Hiking with Chief Mate and Co-Captain Dad. Grilling with Admiral Grandma and Uncle Commodore. Finding time, if even for five minutes, to read a book of my choosing amidst the hundreds of assigned pages. Grad School Black Hole still looms large, but those five minutes of mine are everything. I've been riding the wave, trying not to complain when suddenly a wave smashed into me, knocking me out of the boat. Never turn your back on the sea. The …